Questions about your Membership

What is an Entitlement Week?
The number of week(s) made available annually to each Member as per the Club Membership is known as the Entitlement Week. This week is granted within the same size and season chosen when joining the Club.
How are the Club seasons categorised?
Holidays may be taken in the low, mid or high season. Seasons will obviously vary from country to country depending on the demand and the time of year requested.
What Accommodation is available to Members through the Annual Entitlements?
Any resorts available within Exclusive Club and its affiliates.
May I Upgrade my apartment for a particular holiday?
Yes. Upgrades to a higher season or size or both may be requested through our Reservations Department for a nominal fee.
If I don’t wish to use my Entitlement for a particular year, do I lose my Entitlements?
No. Exclusive Club Members may deposit their Week internally within the Club via the “Bring Forward or Carry Forward” Scheme for a period of two consecutive years, free of charge. Alternatively Weeks may be deposited through Interval International.
Should I have used my Annual Entitlements, may I obtain extra weeks?
Yes. Annually you may obtain as many extra weeks as you wish.
How far in advance can I place a Reservation?
Holiday Accommodation may be requested from 24 months in advance prior to date of travel.
How do I book my holiday?
You may complete the online reservation form or call us on +356 2260 8811
What is an Interval International allocation?
Should you wish to travel with Interval International, our Reservations Department will be required to provide you with an allocation beforehand (Apartment and Week Number), which you may then deposit with Interval International for exchange purposes.
How many resorts are available through Interval International?
Interval International has a network of approximately 2,900 resorts in more than 80 countries and offers its resort clients and about 2 million member families, high-quality accommodation and programmes through offices in 26 cities in 16 countries.
Can my family or friends use my Membership?
Yes. Dependent on the type of booking being requested, our Reservations Department will guide you as to which Guest Certificate will be required for a minimal fee. Please note data protection law impedes us from assisting your family and friends prior to receiving your written consent.
What is the Membership Certificate?
This document, also referred to as Title Deed, details the official right of use of the Member and is their legal proof of ownership. This document is to be kept safe until expiry of the Membership. If the Membership is sold, bequeathed or given to a third party, this Certificate requires to be transferred.
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Maintenance Charge

If my agreement expires in the year 2035, does this mean that as members we are obliged to settle an annual fee until this expiry?
Yes, as per the Rules of Occupation the Membership requires to be paid each and every year until expiry of the contract.
If we do not feel that we will require the Club Membership for the duration of our contract, what options do we have as members?
There are basically three options that you may avail yourself of:
i) Renewal of expiry date, whereby a member may opt to reduce the term of their agreement.
ii) Surrender, whereby a member no longer requires the membership or is unable to utilise it may request for the membership to be surrendered.
iii) Condensing of Weeks, whereby a member may choose to reduce the term of their membership by opting for a double entitlement each year.
For more information about these options and relevant fees, please contact us.
If I do not pay my fees on time what will happen?
Non payment of fees is a material breach of your agreement which burdens the Club with additional expenditure. In order to safeguard the Membership the Club may request third parties to intervene to recover any outstanding debts, and the defaulting Member(s) shall be responsible for all costs incurred as a result of collection of over-due fees.
What is the Management Charge used for?
The Management Charge covers the general administration of the Club as well as the upkeep and general expenditure incurred with the usage of the Holiday Units, their maintenance and ongoing running costs.
If I do not receive my Management Charge and therefore do not pay it, will my account accrue penalties?
Yes. It is the obligation of the Member to ensure that the annual fees are paid by the due date of 1st November each year. Exclusive Club always sends the Requests for Payment during August. Therefore, should you not receive your Invoice by mid-September please contact our offices in order that you do not incur penalties for late payment. Please note that the Club may not be held responsible for undeliverable correspondence or e-mails should you fail to advise us of any change of addresses.