Birgu Fest 2014

Once a year, the residents of the old city of Birgu (also knows as Vittoriosa) switch off all their lights and the cobbled streets of this proud city reflect the tiny candle flames for another edition of Birgufest.

During Birgufest, the historic city turns romantic and boasts not only its glorious pasts but also its architecture through a playful dance of light and shadow. The streets are lit up with a gentle glow by thousands of candles and locals together with visitors enjoy the narrow cobbled streets of Birgu discovering centuries of history and culture.

The historic re-enactments, extended museum entrances, and the opening up of other venues of interest including churches, highlight the immense historic value of this city.

In addition, Birgufest 2014 will also feature food stalls offering both Maltese and other food, various musical concerts – ranging from classical to modern, and numerous exhibitions, make this event truly an outing with something to suit all tastes and ages.

Birgufest 2014 will be held between the 10th and 12th October.